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Coffee Chats with CPABC

Mar 25, 2022

Jimmy Vaiopoulos’ first passion was engineering, a passion that led to him obtaining his CPA designation and pursuing a career working with leading-edge technology and companies. Rebecca Dirnfeld, Senior Student Recruitment Officer, chats with Jimmy about his career journey. 

Mar 18, 2022

Learn about insights from CPABC’s new BC Check-Up report, including how business activity, housing starts, and infrastructure investment rebounded strongly in 2021.

Mar 17, 2022

In this podcast episode, Ann Gomez, founding president of Clear Concept Inc., speaks to Leah Giesbrecht, communications specialist at CPABC, about some best practices for maintaining productivity as a hybrid worker. Part of our Coffee Chats with CPABC podcast series. 

Mar 16, 2022

Lori Mathison, FCPA, FCGA, LLB, president and CEO of CPABC, and Andrew Sweeney, CPA, CA, vice president and portfolio manager at PH&N Institutional discuss how having an ESG strategy and committing to ESG reporting will be an increasingly important consideration in raising capital for your business. Part of our ESG with...

Mar 11, 2022

Amy Lam, FCPA, FCA, CPABC EVP Corporate Services & CFO, speaks with DIVERSEcity’s Neelam Sahota, FCPA, FCGA about the challenges of breaking the glass ceiling and championing women in the workplace.